About WanLoveDesigns

What makes purchasing from WanLoveDesigns Different?

We create all our designs to order Just for You & Your Specifications (other than our ready to ship section).

You choose all the details for your Special someone & we create it Just for You!!

What can be purchased from WanLoveDesigns?

You can purchase any item posted on our site, or we Specialize in Completely Custom Designs. Contact us for a Free Consultation & Quote!

Custom Designs

Have the perfect idea in mind, but you can't find it anywhere? We Specialize in Custom Designs & can bring your Dream Ring/Design to reality. Contact Us for a Free Consultation & Quote!


How can I find out my/her/his ring size?

The best way to find out is to go into a local jewelry store & get sized. The best time to go is in the evening when fingers tend to swell.

What if it's a Surprise?

A great idea is to ask one of their close friends or family members to help find out for you & keep the surprise. Another way is if they have a ring you know fits on the finger they will wear it on. You can borrow it & take it to the store & have them check the size for you

How long will it take to get my order?

It depends on the design you choose. Average Creation time usually takes 2-6 weeks. Custom Specialty gems (Peach, Padparadscha & Yellow Sapphires), Larger Gems over 9mm & Specialty Cuts (Hexagon, Tapered Baguettes, Trapezoid & Half Moons) can take up to 6-8 weeks). Custom Designs usually take approx 6-8 weeks

Do you need it by a certain date? Contact us to see if we can create a Rush order for you.

Do you work with Diamond Alternatives?

We sure do! We work with Lab Diamonds, Moissanite, Natural & Lab grown gemstones. Gems such as Sapphires (colors such as Peach, White, Blue, Pink, Light Pink, etc), Emeralds, Rubies, Alexandrite Spinel, Aquamarine, Opals. We can create something with your favorite gem/s. Contact us for a Custom Design Consultation!

What is the difference between Diamonds & Moissanite?

Moissanite is created from Silicon Carbide.

Diamonds are created from Carbon

Mohs hardness Diamond are a 10 & Moissanite is around 9.5. Its a great hard gem for everyday wear

Moissanite Color-We offer DEF (ask about GH or our Vintage White if you prefer more warmth)

Sparkle & Fire-Moissanite has a higher fire refractive index & does sparkle more than a diamond

Cost-Moissanite has a much more affordable price, with maximum sparkle

Do all of your Designs come in different Gold colors & Metals?

Yes, of course. We offer 10k, 14k & 18k Gold in White, Yellow or Rose Gold. We also offer Platinum

FREE Engraving Orders $500+

We offer Free Engraving for orders $500+. It includes 12 Letters including spaces. Inquire about specialty or longer Engraving options for individual pricing

Do you offer Resizing?

Yes, of course! We always suggest trying to find out your perfect size first, but if you ever need we do offer resizing services. Please note rings can only resize a certain amount up or down. Pricing will depend on the design, metal, etc. Eternity rings cannot be resized. Contact us for assistance.

Do you offer Insurance?

You can purchase insurance with a Jewelry insurance company or under your homeowners/rental policy.


Please note that images of the jewelry on WanLoveDesigns.com are not necessarily shown to scale. Some images may appear smaller or larger than their actual size & depending on device used to view. Photos are shown closeup & are cropped to show details. We try our best to give you accurate pictures, as well as measurements and descriptions, of every piece that we list. We always want to provide you with as much information possible in a list so you know exactly what is included. We also offer many sizes, & options so you can select all the details & sizes that you will love & cherish forever.

In order to comply with FTC regulations as well as industry standards, Wan Love Designs affirms that, for all jewelry items, carat total weight may differ from stated weight by as much as 0.05 carats. In the case of jewelry pieces with multiple diamonds. Factors of color and clarity are provided in one of two ways, as a minimum or as an average. The method used depends upon the number of diamonds in the piece under consideration. If a minimum is used, we confirm that all diamonds in the piece meet the stated minimum, in terms of quality grade. If an average is used, we confirm that the diamonds, taken as a group with grades averaged, meet or exceed the stated quality grade. For custom jewelry and wedding band orders, total carat weight may vary based on finger size selected and other customization.

Pricing Policy

Here at Wan Love Designs, we make every attempt to ensure the listed prices for all items are accurate and up to date. However, price depends upon availability and other market factors and is subject to change without notice. Additionally, price and other information may be inaccurate, due to system or human error. We reserve the right to cancel and refuse any sale made on the basis of an incorrect price. We sincerely regret any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your understanding.


How do I know I am receiving what I purchased?

We Always include all the details of your design Exactly as ordered!

All Lab Diamonds over .40ct will include a grading Certificate from IGI. This will show you all the details of the center gem included with your purchase.

It will also include a # that is Laser Engraved in the girdle of your diamond & coincides with your certificate.

What is the difference between Earth grown & Lab Diamonds?

Our Certified Lab Diamonds are 100% Genuine. They are the same chemically, visually & every way as natural. The only difference is they are grown in a lab, rather than the earth. They are much more Affordable, Eco-friendly & are Always conflict-free.

Do you offer Larger Diamonds?

Of Course we do! Contact Us for a Free Consultation & Customizable Quote!