Lifetime Warranty

Our Guarantee to You

Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty

At WanLoveDesigns, we have made it our commitment to create only high-quality jewelry. We warrant that all jewelry purchased from our website will be free from manufacturing defects in materials & workmanship at the time of delivery.

All our jewelry is manufactured to the highest standards & utilizes the highest quality materials. We carefully inspect each individual item prior to shipping.

We offer a Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty to all purchases. The Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty is effective from the date of purchase on, Only to the original purchaser, & is non-transferrable.

Although we stand behind our designs, we do exclude the following defects from the Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty:

  • General wear and tear-including but not limited to-trauma, loss of center stones, product loss or theft, scratches, or improper cleaning and storage.
  • Intentional/Unintentional/Misuse Damage
  • Fading or discoloration of metals over time due to inadequate care (Examples: wearing it in a swimming pool/hot tub, coming in contact with perfume or other chemicals, etc.)
  • Damage to prongs (bent, broken, caught on something) due to daily wear/use/misuse causing gems to get loose or fall out. Precious metals, and especially prongs, can wear down over time as part of normal use or trauma. Thinning of prongs due to regular wear might cause them to open up and the stone could be at risk of falling out. This is not considered a manufacturing defect.
  • Chipping or breaking of gems due to use/misuse causing gems to get loose or fall out. The loss of a stone caused by damage, trauma, loss or theft is not covered under the Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty.
  • Chipping or breaking or Loss of Center gem/s due to use/misuse causing gems to get loose or fall out. The loss of a Center gem/s caused by damage, trauma, loss or theft is not covered under the Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty.

Any & All third-party repairs or service to your jewelry completed by anyone other than WanLoveDesigns, including, but not limited to, ring sizing or other repairs will void your warranty.

Should you have an issue with your purchase due to manufacturing, please Contact Us so we can assist you. Once received, we will inspect the jewelry to determine if damage is covered by our Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty. If it is covered, we will complete the work or, at our discretion, replace the item without charge and ship it back to you.

If it is not a defect, we will still be here to help you. We can repair your piece for a small fee + Shipping. If the damage is not covered by our Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty, we will email you a price quote before the work is performed. If you approve the quote, we will collect payment for the repair + shipping. We will then continue with the repair and ship the item back to you once repair work is completed.

We Always recommend that you insure your jewelry for loss, theft, trauma, damage, or damage to your center stone. Examples of damage to center stones may include chipping, cracking, or breaking. While diamonds are the hardest gem & very durable, No gem is indestructible. Normal wear & tear (especially on rings worn everyday on your hand), they can be damaged.

For Assistance with our Warranty Services, Contact Us


We understand life can happen & due to regular wear and tear or accidents, your jewelry might need to be repaired. We are always here & are happy to help. Our customers & designs are very important to us, we will always do our best to keep the repair costs as low as possible, while at the same time ensuring the integrity of the design. If your piece is UN-reparable, no need to worry!! We do offer Remaking & Upgrade services. Please remember, All repairs made by third-party jewelers will void your warranty with us here at WanLoveDesigns. Some common repairs we offer are replacing Accent gems (side stones), tightening/repairing prongs, re-polishing, re-dipping in rhodium, etc. If you’d like to inquire about getting your piece repaired, please Contact Us

You will be responsible to ship it back to us safely & properly packaged in boxes + something to keep it from moving around & Return shipping back to you. Please make sure the package is fully insured. We are not responsible for lost/missing or damaged packages. *Please note we don't accept packages for repair during busy times such as Wedding Season & other busy holidays, so you won't be without your special piece for longer.

Ring Resizing

**Please make sure you check & make sure of correct size, so you choose the correct size for a great fit. The best way is to go in somewhere to check & make sure of the correct size/fit for you or that special someone. Wearing a ring too big can be easily damaged from being knocked around.

If you order a ring, but didn’t get the ring size right, no need to worry! We can resize it for you. There will be approx $35-$65 fee (higher prices for some larger sizes) + the cost of shipping. Please note, rings can Only be resized a certain amount or will need to be remade at an additional cost. Eternity bands are Not resizable. If your correct size is beyond the size update (too much bigger or smaller), its Ok, we do offer Remaking & Upgrade services. 


Please make sure when shipping to us the package is insured & properly packaged in boxes & something to keep it from moving around. We are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen packages